In order for investment decisions to be successful, they should
be based on the results of investment analysis.

Proper and timely analysis allows us to assess the real need for investment and the feasibility of short-term and long-term investments in a particular project.

The analysis helps to calculate the effectiveness of the project and investigate its riskiness. In other words, the choice is made on the two most important parameters: risk and efficiency.

Analysts choose the most optimal investment decisions, assess the risk and return parameters acceptable to the investor, consider all factors and optimize the decision-making process.

Flexible analytical work

All materials undergo high-quality, extensive analytical preparation, allowing you to make the most substantiated decisions.

Analytical instruments and ideas

Proprietary tools and methods of analysis to reveal the most lucrative assets for your investments.

Expert commentary

Daily summaries and input by company experts to better understand the structure and current trends of the market.

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Our clients trust us

Our clients’ level of trust in our analytical reviews and investment offers

We employ a meticulous approach to selecting investment services and offers. We exhaustively evaluate geography, prospects, competence, and potential risks.

Percentage of our clients do not use analytics from other sources.


Effective analytical accompaniment

76% of users working with W Fintech Products claim that they
exclusively use our investment ideas and reviews.

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U.S. Economy

Federal Reserve Hints at Rate Hike Amid Inflation Concerns; U.S. Home Sales Decline

The Fed may consider raising interest rates if inflation accelerates, according to minutes from the last meeting.


Japan's Economy Skids, Clouding BoJ's Rate Hike Plans

Japan's economy fell faster than expected in the first quarter as the weak yen continued to batter consumers, throwing a fresh challenge to the central bank's push to get interest rates further away from near zero.

Investing Ideas

Nvidia will Surge Another 22%, and is Still Cheap Compared to Peers Despite Nearly Doubling this Year, Goldman Sachs Says

Nvidia (NVDA) stock still has plenty of upside even after its year-to-date rally of 81%, according to a Tuesday note from Goldman Sachs.

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