Stocks and bonds. Real estate and startups. Structural notes
and shares of mutual funds. What is it and how to work with it?
Special educational courses are created to answer
these and many other questions.

Investment is never easy. Especially for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with this area. The courses explain how to invest depending not only on your goals, but also on other important factors: individual attitude to risks, set time limits, availability and size of the "safety cushion", etc.

Courses are also suitable for those who want to improve their financial literacy. Currently, most people are interested in financial independence and the ability to purchase the desired goods and services, without thinking about how their purchase will affect the well-being of their family.

Without understanding how to plan your budget and properly manage it, it is almost impossible to gain financial independence. The training courses are designed to answer the questions on finance and investment and to improve the level of financial literacy of the population.

Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates

A comprehensive programme that allows you to expand your knowledge to gain opportunities to analyze and make investment decisions.


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Educational Videos
Educational Videos

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Course Programs

Our array of tools and resources are designed to help you
invest with insight and conviction.

Investment Analysis
Trading and Analysis Intermediate Technical Analysis Futures Fundamental Analysis Building a Trade Plan Portfolio Introduction to Technical Analysis Introduction to Indexes Fundamental Analysis
Investment Products
Introduction to Stocks Introduction to Exchange-Traded Funds ETF Trading and Liquidity Understanding Leveraged & Inverse ETFs Introduction to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) Introduction to Mutual Funds Introduction to American Depositary Receipts Introduction to U.S. Equity Market Structures Introduction to Treasuries
Portfolio & Risk Analysis
Learn About Key Economic Events Risk Navigator Securities Lending and Borrowing Introduction to Margin Trading Sector Investing Fundamental Analysis

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