Wealth management is a full range of financial services
and products provided to affluent clients.
The main focus is on consulting.

For an affluent person, wealth management is a convenient way to control and enhance his or her financial situation. Typically, a customer comes to address a particular need (for example, structuring assets and wealth). The overriding objective of the consultative wealth manager is to understand what is important and necessary for the client, and then find the appropriate experts and provide certain financial products.


  • Investment management
  • Financial administration
  • Asset structuring
  • Tax planning
  • Advice on running your own business
  • Legal consulting and others

The work is aimed at developing an individual investment strategy that takes into account personal circumstances, long-term and short-term interests,and a comfortable level of risk. Wealth management considers the full range of available investment instruments.

Wealth Management is a comprehensive investment

  • International wealth management
  • Personal planning programs for savings and investing
  • Capital management tailored to the personal risk profile of the client
  • Expert efficiency evaluation of current investments and investment opportunities
  • Management of family finances
  • Support system for the client

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