Benefiting from investing in financial assets is no longer
a privilege exclusive to financial market professionals.

The democratization of financial skills and knowledge creates an opportunity to efficiently achieve success and build your own trading system without having to learn the fundamentals.


  • Social trading services
  • Social investment platforms
  • Auto-tracking services
  • Transaction mirroring
  • Social networks for investors
  • Programs for technical and fundamental analysis
Observation and instruction

You can observe other participants via online access to transaction details, learn and break down the functions of various services as well as the nuances of tracking statistics to select appropriate strategies.

Limitless choice

You don’t have to commit to only one working strategy. You can always add more for good measure for more stable and optimal outcomes.


The socially-oriented nature of our services not only guarantees total earnings potential, but it also has stringent safety settings requirements in investments, point-based parameters, and conditions provided in advance.

Modern functions of social services

The collection of potential social functions of the services and platforms is highly extensive. Most of them are designed to make financial markets more accessible for the laypeople who may not be able to dedicate their free time and/or afford educational programmes and professional analytical support.

  • Preliminary acquaintance with all conditions and criteria
  • Full transparency of participant interactions
  • Open and fixed commission and reward amounts
  • Opportunities to beta test services and strategies
  • Selection of signal suppliers by rating, operation history, and long statistical period
  • No restrictions on minimal and maximal investment amounts
  • Socializing through online blogs, newsreels, analysis and information exchange
  • Global partner sites between trading services suppliers and the services themselves

These functions allow for the maximal fulfilment of clients’ needs and provide them with the opportunity to realize their investment plans and goals.

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